This Was A Fantastic Year For Black Male Actors

Black Male Actors: Representation Matters

Last month a salient study was published regarding America’s perception of black people in media.

Black Actors: A Year in Review

Unfortunately, in 2020 we lost Chadwick Boseman — a rising star who showed black kids that anything is possible. However, his loss brought communities from all backgrounds together. Boseman’s untimely death hurts, but his legacy will never die.

  • Jon David Washington: The former NFL running back stared in one of the biggest movies of 2020, Tenent. Washington has such a unique background of starting off as an athlete and switching gears to work in major motion pictures. However, he’s working on real movies with all-time great directors like Christopher Nolan and Spike Lee. Washington is somebody to keep an eye on in the future.
  • Michael K. Williams: While Williams is taking a backseat role in Lovecraft Country to fellow black actor Jonathan Majors, it must be said: Williams is killing it. In the last decade, the actor received three primetime Emmy awards. This year, he’s putting in a lifetime performance on HBO’s biggest show.
  • Morgan Freeman: Freeman’s biggest role this year was helping the Scooby-Doo gang in their 2020 cartoon. Seriously though — it was a great episode. However, he also joined rappers Metro Booming and 21 Savage on one of the biggest hip-hop projects of the year, “Savage Mode II.” Freeman bridges gaps like no one else.

Final Thoughts

African Americans have come a long way. We used to have no voice; no platform to express said voice; and no ways of criticizing and dismantling unjust systems. That all is changing.



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